#Satrangi–A lonely father’s dotting daughter loves him more than a son


Satrangi–About lonely father and dotting daughter

The superb Haryanvi film–#Satrangi (means having seven colors) released today justified the significance of its title with having emotion, drama, music, social message, women empowerment, bonding and values all packaged into one.

Sandeep Sharma

(Producer and Director-Sandeep Sharma)

The movie revolves around #NargisNandal, who has played the role of Satrangi in the movie, the dotting daughter of Yashpal Sharma, a widower.

Sharma’s son Vijay who is married lives with his wife in New Delhi with a good earning but his ambitions led him to strike a deal to sell village ancestral land to his uncle (Tau).

Sharma got shattered after learning the development, who lives a lonely life in a Haryana village and being a farmer, his attachment to land obviously brings his world upside down.

Vijay portrays before his father that he would buy a flat in Mumbai and would have a successful life there besides materialising his wife’s dream to try her hands in acting.

Sharma and Vijay decide to not reveal the news to Satrangi as her marriage was fixed to her dream boy within days to come.

Satrangi, though modern, educated but connected with roots and grounded with reality noticed a peculiar behaviour in her father during the preparation of her marriage.

On being asked, she was told by her father that her departure to a new house has made him grow a bit nostalgic.

As film plot advances, Satrangi comes to discover about the agriculture land deal by her brother for his selfish means without caring as how their lonely father would survive in odd situation in village.

Determined to not leave her father in lurch, Satrangi declares to get married only after seeing her father remarried and have a partner to share his emotions in aged life.

The film focuses as how a daughter who is considered as ‘Praya Dhan’ in patriarchy society fights to remarry her father despite stiff resistance by son Vijay and others.

There has been an altercation between Vijay and Satrangi and how latter gave befitting reply and proves daughter were no less.

As it always have, film has a happy ending but the emotions displayed by different film characters in different situations make the film worth watching and drill a social message in your conscious.

Occasional tickling of your funny bone by delivery of Haryanvi phrases commonly heard in day-to-day life would remain an additional benefit for you.

For me, after Sakshi Malik precious victory at Rio-Olympics, movie like Satrangi by producer and director Sandeep Sharma gave a reassuring feeling that things were on right track.




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