Ramdev Trust to have first residential Acharyakulam in Bhiwani

Aacharyakulam Shilanyas Legha Bhanan.jpg

Sat Singh

The stone-laying ceremony of the state’s first residential Acharyakulam to be set up in nearly 10 acres by the Baba Ramdev Trust remained a VIP affair today though Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar failed to make it.
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Addressing a gathering here, Baba Ramdev said Rs. 25 crore would be spent in the first phase on Acharyakulam which would have a capacity to accommodate about 2,500 students. The intake of students would be enhanced at a later stage, if needed.Replying to query about a remedy for joint pain, Ramdev exhorted the gathering to use cow milk instead of that of buffalo . He said: “Murrah uuffalo milk is not good for health as it gets people diseased. One should use cow milk to remain healthy .
Imagine when cow’s urine and dung have medicinal properties, what wonders its milk could do to one’s health”.Lauding Baba Ramdev, Health Minister Anil Vij said the former was on a mission to make India into Bharat with his ‘company’ making indigenous products were worth Rs 10,000 crore today. “ I wish to see his company grow to lakhs of crores so that foreign companies which take money to foreign land could be thrown away”, said Vij, who is the MLA from Ambala. He also announced that the state would be first in the country to have its AYUSH University soon.He announced Rs 21 lakh donation for Bhiwani’s Acharyakulam. Addressing the gathering, Agriculture Minister OP Dhankar announced a donation of Rs 51 lakh each to the two panchayats of Legha village in the form of a development project. Governor Kaptan Solanki, who was the chief guest on this occasion, said it was a matter of pride for the state that such an institution having a confluence of modern and age-old traditions would come up in Bhiwani district.Interestingly, local Bhiwani-Mahendragarh MP Dharambir Singh and MLAs of six Assembly constituencies of Bhiwani district were conspicuous by their absence.Sources said that owing to a dispute on the land where Acharyakulam was said to come up made Chief Minister cancel his programme at the eleventh hour.The pilot car in the cavalcade of Health Minister Anil Vij was hit by a buffalo at Lohani village when he was on his way to attend the ceremony.

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