Virus hits Moong crop in Bhiwani

Mung crop.jpg

Moong crop infested with mosaic virus in Siwani Mandi village of Bhiwani district. Tribune photo

Sat Singh

Tribune News Service

Bhiwani, September 15

Moong crop in the district has been hit yellow vein mosaic virus.The worst affected area is Siwani Mandi.As per the Agriculture Department, pulses are sown over 15,000 hectares in the district and 80 per cent of area is covered by moong.

Mung farmers-11.jpg

Dayanand Poonia, a farmer from Siwani Mandi, told The Tribune: “The price of pulses had skyrocketed last year. Since several farmers hoped to fetch a good price for pulses this year as well, they sowed moong. The crop was maturing well till it was infected with virus.”He said guar crop flattened because of strong winds.Balwan Bagri from Bijwan village said he had sown moong in 4 acres. “I hoped to pay off my debt from the sale of the produce. But all my hopes were dashed after leaves of the crop turned yellow.”The Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha held a meeting at Siwani Mandi, demanding a special girdawari.Attar Singh, an expert from Krishi Vigan Kendra, Bhiwani, admitted to the presence of yellow leaf virus in moong on a large scale. “Farmers should consult experts or scientists before sowing. Those abiding by opinion of experts have virus-free crops,” he said.


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