Govt fooling farmers in name of welfare schemes, says MP


Rohtak MP Deepender Hooda addresses a gathering at Bamla village in Bhiwani district on Wednesday. Photo: Indervesh Duhan

Tribune News Service

Bhiwani, October 12

Rohtak MP Deepender Singh Hooda said today that the state government had done nothing for the farmers except telling lies and fooling them in the name of welfare schemes. Deepender, who was addressing a gathering at Bamla village of the district today, said there had been a cap on the sale of bajra in the state and paddy was not being procured by state agencies citing moisture content issue. The gram sowing season was on, but farmers were not getting seeds and those available with private players were way too expensive, he said. “Just like last year, a paddy scam in under way in the state mandis, as the crop was being procured for Rs 1,250-1,300 per quintal instead of Rs 1,510. It must be investigated as to who is pocketing the remaining part,” said the Rohtak MP.Having a dig at the Pradanmantri Fasal Bima Yojana, he said the government had handed over Rs 18,000 crore to private companies by forcefully deducting from the farmers’ account and it should reveal how many farmers actually got compensated owing to the scheme.


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